Google Web Toolkit

The Google Web Tookit Blog announced today that GWT has been released as a 100% open source product. I know many people in the OS community are probably hopping up and down with joy at this but I found myself with mixed feelings over the thing. Yes, releasing it open source is a good thing for the community and it guarantees that Google won’t do anything evil to me down the road after I’ve become entrenched in their product but it still makes me squeamish. Why? Because I’m not a huge fan of open source products. I think in the hands of capable companies like RedHat, it can be a good thing. Not necessarily is a good thing; just can be. Perhaps I’m worrying about it for no good reason but it sounds like a good way for Google to dump a product that they don’t want to support anymore. Hopefully, this isn’t the case. I really like the GWT. It’s a very handy tool. I’ve only got to use it once in a productional area but what I came up with was quite fun and GWT made it simple. So, am I excited about the opening up of GWT? Not really. Am I hopeful that, in the long run, it will be a good thing? Absolutely…

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