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Books of 2023

This year I kept better track of what books I was reading. I even have the finish date for most of them. I read a few more books this year and listened to a few less. Once again, I’ll be linking out to the Goodreads listing of the book. Books marked with a are audio books (duh). As a side note, I had quite a few books get added to my Did Not Finish list this year but I did not keep track of them. That might be an interesting future post as well. Something to consider for next year I guess. And without further ado, my list of books from 2023!

This list was originally published on December 5, 2023. Any books listed with a future read date should be noted as an edit to the original post.

Books of 2022

Below is the list of books I’ve both read and listened to over the course of 2022. I’m disappointed because I felt like I did more reading this year. I also feel like I’ve missed a book or two in this list. This upcoming year I will keep track as I read them. These are listed in no particular order. I will also update the list as the year finishes out. As a side note, all the eBooks are books I’d never read before, except for Rosemary and Rue, but in the Audio Book section, only The Midnight Library was a new listen.


Audio Books

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