Evil Dead

After many years of being told that I HAD to see Evil Dead, I finally rented it from Netflix. It’s been in my queue for quite a while but only got to the top because there’s nothing new I want to see right now. I have to say I was quite impressed. For an early 80’s horror flick it was very well done. I was actually cringing in horrific anticipation. It was a total blast. Wether or not I’m going to see any of the others remains to be seen. Either way, it was fun and definitely worth the time!

EDIT:? So I had to add in this extra piece. I’ve looked at the sequels (not seen yet) and I have to say I’m not sure I want to see them. From what I’ve read and the discussions I’ve had with people who’ve seen all the movies, the 2nd and 3rd movies take what was a great horror film and they turn it into more of a comedy/horror film. I really liked the first movie and am hesitant to see the others for fear it will ruin the first. So, for now, I’m not seeing the others…

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