So, Napoleon Dynamite. I’ve been hearing for awhile that this is “the greatest movie ever”, a complete waste of time, and “a turd of a movie”. In other words, depending on who I spoke with I got a different answer. The weird thing was that the people who’s opinions I trust were conflicting with each other. After getting a different response out of at least four people, I realized I had to see this movie for myself. And I did. My response? I’m just not sure.

Over all the movie was amusing though I have to admit I forced myself to watch it all. I’m the type of person that really hates movies that embarrass the main characters. I don’t find it funny and a good part of the movie focused on the embarrassing life of Napoleon. Either way, I watched the whole thing. The question remains: did I like it?

I’m going to tentatively say no. Overall, it was a waste of two hours as there wasn’t really a point to the movie. Sure, we wanted them to win the Presidency and we wanted Napoleon and Debra to hook up but there really wasn’t this driving idea behind the film. I kept wanting Napoleon to stand up and kick some ass or at least get his ass kicked but earn some respect for himself in the process. It was just a sad, amusing movie about a fucked up kid. I didn’t hate it but I really didn’t like it. 2 out of 5 stars.