So my alarm will go off in 5 hours telling me it’s time to drag my tired ass out of bed and get heading to the airport. Tomorrow I leave for Orlando, Florida for a conference for work. This will be the 5th time I’ve gone to this particular conference and overall I’m excited. Not so much about Orlando but I do enjoy the conference itself. Last year was pretty cool as it was in Waikiki. Of course, this year it’s at Disney World so the two are kinda comparable. We’re staying on the Disney property at the Dolphin Resort/Hotel/Thingy/Whatever-the-damn-thing-is and from the website it looks pretty swanky. It’s kinda sad when the first thing you do for your trip is check out the hotel, right?

Anyway, I’ll be out there for most of the next week so I probably won’t be posting much. When I do, I’ll try to have some pictures of what I’m doing but no guarantees. Anyway, I really need to get to bed so I’m going to sign off. Watch for conference updates right here! (Yes, I’m a dork but then, so are you for reading my blog.  )