But what makes you happy?

It’s funny, I was just re-reading my last post. And I was struck by how true it rang to me. How true it might actually be. And how I haven’t really done anything about it. Sort of. I have been reading more, playing guitar more and singing more. I’ve been trying to be more active, not spend so much time in front of my TV. I’ve even started trying to be a bit healthier. I’ve not made much progress yet but I’m being consistent. So, it’s a start. Anyway, as I was reading the last post, a thought struck me. “But what makes you happy?” I know I enjoy the things I do. I know I enjoy making music, writing stories and poetry, learning new things, but enjoyment and happy are two very different things. So, what has happened recently that makes you happy? I thought of something and it’s dumb. And I probably shouldn’t write it down out here in the wilds of the internet because anyone who knows me well could easily find this blog. Anyway, the one thing that I thought of that has made me happy recently, like struck a cord deep inside, that makes me happy again when I think of it, is a specific person’s smile. I’ve found a good friend I didn’t realize I had and when I see them, I always can’t help but smile. But that’s not the part that makes me happy. The part that makes me happy is the smile that lights up their face when they see me. It’s a genuinely true smile. A smile that says I’m happy to see you. It’s been a very long time since a smile like that has been for me. And I’m trying to hold onto that lightness, that sense of freeness that comes with that smile. No expectations, no ties that bind, just a smile between friends. And it makes me want to trust again…

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